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Channel-billed Cuckoo Attack's Currawong Nest

But this month an avian Crane spent 24 hours at Rainham Marshes. Crane reports are becoming commoner. After only seven accepted records before , London sightings in this century are already more than three times that number. I wonder why. The Rainham sighting is unusual in that almost all past London records have been of birds overflying the area. The only previous reports of Crane on the deck are three at Tyttenhanger GPs for two days in Apr , one that bizarrely landed briefly in a Loughton garden in Mar , a juvenile at Beddington Farmlands for three days in Dec and two birds spotted in a field at Rye Meads in Apr Much smaller than Crane but with proportionately longer legs— indeed, ridiculously long legs — were the two Black-winged Stilt that spent the day at Rainham Marshes on 10th May.

A Cuckoo In the Nest

There are only a dozen or so previous London records of Stilt, the most recent being two birds at Island Barn Reservoir in May But at least half a dozen breeding pairs are currently being monitored at undisclosed sites around Britain, so it may be only a matter of time before a pair chooses to procreate within the London area.

This of course is another former rarity that now breeds in England and is seen increasingly in the London area. A Quail was at Rainham Marshes from 6th to 8th May with one observer reporting two birds singing on the 7th. Another Quail flew through Sidcup on the 27th. Nice, but this declining species is now a less than annual visitor to the London area. Another was seen at Rainham Marshes on the 18th. Finally, another intriguing sighting by non-birders. On the 20th a couple whose home backs onto Brent Reservoir noticed an unfamiliar bird perched briefly on their garden fence.

Having questioned the couple, I am convinced that their bird was a Woodchat Shrike , probably female. There have been only 17 previous London records of this species — most often also in May. But would the rarities committee accept a report from just two people who are not experienced birders?

Sadly, it seems unlikely. Contributed by Andrew Haynes , who accepts full responsibility for any errors. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Some other non-passerines Edit A Quail was at Rainham Marshes from 6th to 8th May with one observer reporting two birds singing on the 7th. Could it have been the South Norwood bird continuing its journey?


John Birkett Flew into nest in the underside of the stadium roof. Total 29 species. What's the big mystery?

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  7. Sidcup DA Quail W past my house calling Pete Lowman. Motspur Park: Common Buzzard soaring Bob Smith Orpington boating pond: 2 Egyptian goose pair on the side of the pond jack headley Palmers Green: Dark, large, gull-shaped bird flew low with confident and mostly gliding flight over Eaton Park Road, N13 at Flew NW. Mobbed by crows and other birds. Your guess is as good as mine. Definitely wasn't a gull! Wilczur, B. Marsh, J. Red Kite over E at Bill Haines.


    Birdesque is a comical mix of physical theatre, non-verbal soundscapes and clowning that plays on burlesque conventions. Expect to leave with your feathers well and truly ruffled! We hunt and get hunted every day. The natural dangers of the wild world — are they so very different from the natural dangers of the civilised world? Being watched, being monitored, being commented on, willingly or unknowingly and the cynicism which surrounds that, are all themes explored within the piece. Voyeurism becomes an undercurrent in the piece which draws parallels between nature and civilisation — parading, masquerading, watching, being watched, fooled and tricked exist in both.

    Something catastrophic has happened. They are windswept, disheveled, battered and torn. They remember nothing except a few folk songs from their past — it is all on the tip of their minds. Who do you remind them of? What is your story?

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    They rely on you to help them fill in the gaps. An accident put them here and only another can get their lives back on track. It Came Out of the Blue is an interactive piece devised by The Galloping Cuckoos which plays with ideas of memory and loss of identity. They may just reminisce about the person you remind them of….

    She is Co-Director of Red Threaders Dramaturgy, a theatre based artistic advisory service for arts practitioners, schools, community groups, and those who create and devise performance work. Simone also works as a Freelance Performing Arts Practitioner, and specialises in devised theatre. She is also currently working as tour manager and general administrator for renowned Indian Classical musician Baluji Shrivastav. Laura has teaching qualifications along with being a certified fitness and Zumba instructor.

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