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With characteristic wit and acuity, Twain embarks on an epic journey into a drop of water, catches a glimpse of an invisible man, reveals a generation-starship-type world in the heart of a drifting iceberg, and imagines futuristic devices of instantaneous communication such as the "phrenophone" and "telelectroscope.

As for the future, he envisioned a radical utopia of absolute suffrage and future histories in which a global theocracy holds sway or a monarchy rules America.

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This entertaining and absorbing collection of tales reminds us that the former steamboat pilot dreamed about the stars, anticipated and dreaded the future, and above all was continually surprised and enchanted by the world around him. David Ketterer is an emeritus professor of English at Concordia University in Montreal and an honorary research fellow in the Department of English at the University of Liverpool.

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Magellania Jules Verne. The Year Paolo Mantegazza.

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Now the thinking machines of old have become the supernatural creatures that go bump in the night, making this a fun story for genre fans who remember the old tales. When a group of marauders, however, threaten to destroy her home, she has to seek out a spirit in the forest to save them all. I enjoyed the world-building in this story.

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Kaana herself is a post-human species, but many of the other villagers are from alien races, although some resemble Terran animals, so its possible they could have been evolved eons ago by humans. Power Rangers is also another franchise that came to mind when I finished this story. When Irniq, however, is talked out of jettisoning a comb from an airlock as an offering to an old Inuit god, disaster strikes.

Facing the wrath of a mythology suddenly made real, Irniq and his companions will need to think fast or face the eternal abyss.

To be honest, I do not know much about Inuit culture or religion so I have no idea how much the author got right, but I like the idea of companies crewing their starships with people who are used to thriving in harsh environments. Check it out if you want a different perspective on space travel.

Harris : A young 19th century London boy named Oliver pickpockets a strange watch from an enigmatic gentlemen.

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Oliver will have to keep his wits about him if ever hopes to escape this world and return home. Hunted by an old enemy, Lillian and her mother try to flee on an Ether cruiser, but are cornered by their pursuer, starting a confrontation that goes from polite to deadly after only a few courses of dinner. It would have made the entire first third of the story much less of a drag.

Nevertheless, if you can get past the beginning, you still might enjoy this espionage tale set in an alternate British Empire. The government is hunting for anyone with magical talent, since magic can interfere with their technological society, and Eli may be the last sorcerer left alive and Maggie is only his apprentice. In both stories its established that magic can cause advanced tech to stop working and, when you have a sufficiently advanced society, I could see how magic could become harder to hide when one spell can act as a giant EMP.

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Thus we get to see a fun little dystopic fantasy with an ending that opens up a lot of possibilities if McBride ever wants to revisit this world again. If you like science fantasy as a genre, then I can recommend this anthology. Pick up a copy and watch as the impossible becomes probable.