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The layout shown was one that was quite cluttered and really doesn't look anything at all like what we've been seeing in the official graphics from Universal thus far. Plus it looked like a good bit of the land was dedicated to smaller attractions, and even playground style structures, so bottom line The map did have one thing right however, the location, where we can expect Super Nintendo Land to take over the entire KidZone area.

Super Mario Kart - They have also confirmed that what is expected to be the primary major attraction will be one themed to Super Mario Kart. So what about the other attractions?

Well, there are only rumors so far, but the long standing rumor has been that Super Nintendo World will feature 3 attractions, or at least it will in the North American installations. There is always the chance that the one going into Japan may cutback to just two attractions due to space issues, or to allow for the inclusion of more themed shopping, dining and character interaction spaces, as the Japanese market really appreciates those kind of extras.

That said Donkey Kong. As a character, Donkey Kong is easily just as well known as Mario and the popular rumor has been about that Boom Coaster ride patent Universal filed for, with a mine kart theme that has the ability for the kart to appear to jump gaps in the track and lean to the side on two wheels, while really running on a hidden track system. As rumored before, this is expected to be something themed to the Donkey Kong Country game series. The third ride concept? Even better, for capacity sake, the one rumor suggested it would even be an Omnimover style ride system, something Universal really hasn't tried yet.

Given that the unique feature of the Yoshi character in games is typically his ability to lash out with a long tongue and gobble up things and even spit some of them back out at targets, so you can see how this could make for a fun interactive style dark ride. Fair warning As for the rest? Well, for wanting Metroid, Kirby, Zelda or even Pokemon themed stuff in the land, I just wouldn't expect it yet. Maybe for a Phase Sounds perfect for what Universal may be dreaming up for the proposed Super Mario Kart attractions experience that will be the staple of the new Super Nintendo Lands planned for the Japan, Hollywood and Orlando parks.

You can find a nice collection of patent clips posted to InsideTheMagic.

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While everyone is squinting over the layout of the new theme park and taking notice of other features like a water park or resort hotels, most haven't given the future site of the second park on the map much more than a glance. But when you do, it quickly becomes evident that the park layout dropped into the resort map is actually a mirror image of Universal Studios Florida itself that includes all the major attraction buildings like Transformers, the outdoor concert stage, Escape from Gringotts, Men in Black, along with a leftover Disaster attraction building still in place.

However keep looking and there are also three large new attraction sized building structures in place that would run from the area just past E. Given that this location is also rumored to be the most likely location for Super Nintendo Land I have to wonder if we have been given a possible preview look at what the layout of this new land may look like and just how large the proposed attraction buildings for the land's rumored three attractions will be. Just something to think about, in the meantime I've flipped the image the right way to represent USF's layout and highlighted the new area for your consideration as a visual aid.

I just found it interesting that the existing park layout was copied in almost every way with the exception of this area. Just take a look at see what you think for yourself. You can see some of the concept art from the patent forms posted in a slideshow at OBJ , though keep in mind that they are keeping the themeing and concept as generic as they can in these patent forms, and focusing on the technology aspect of what the attraction will do to make it unique enough to deserve a patent.

There is a driver in the front with a steering wheel while the rider in the back seat has a console of buttons in front of them instead.

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The obvious answer here is that this is likely a mock-up for the future Mario Kart themed ride planned as part of a future Nintendo area. Another mock-up shows guests loaded into some kind of over-head track mounted piece of hardware that holds a number of armored flight-suits. The appearance is that it could mimic the action of a super-hero character taking flight into the sky on an adventure. Screamscape sources tell us that this concept was proposed for an attraction that isn't expected to see the light of day at this point in time, but could resurface in the future.

Two of the concepts involve waterpark technology, one that could see technology added to a mat racer style slide either controls or a video screen to the mat itself or the possibility of setting something up on the mat before the slide that would trigger specific effects lights, music, etc to personalize the experience on the way down.

A second waterpark concept is also an interesting new take on the popular new 'drop pod' idea, where in this case the pod that holds the rider would begin to actually fill half-way up with water before flushing the rider and human payload down the trapdoor. The final idea shown is something called the Boom Coaster, showing off a mine-kart themed ride car that would look as if it was attached to a track system, but in reality the car is attached to a boom arm that goes down under the cart and attaches to an entirely hidden coaster style track system below the themeing.

Jordan has somehow found time to quietly upgrade his L. Jordan, who has no fewer than four projects in different [ McIntyre and Hasan purchased the property not quite 1. Set high and [ An historic, showbiz-pedigreed estate nestled up against Griffith Park in L. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. View Gallery 15 Images. As for fading away, rock and roll is here to stay and so, I believe, is Elvis. He's been a shot in the arm to the business and all I can say is 'that's my man'. In his investigative article in JET, Louie Robinson concluded that not only did blacks know Presley; he also knew blacks.

When Robinson asked about the origin of his 'earthy, moaning baritone' singing voice, Presley responded, 'I never sang like this in my life until I made that first record - That's Alright, Mama. Robinson did confirm that Presley was making more money singing rhythm and blues than black performers of the day.

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And as for the accusation that Presley was making buckets full of money off songs written by blacks, who earned very little for their songwriting talents, Robinson quoted Otis Blackwell , writer of two huge Presley hits ' Don't Be Cruel ' and ' All Shook Up '. Without giving specific numbers, Blackwell confirmed, 'I got a good deal.

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I made money. I'm happy'. Elvis - 'I always liked that kind of music'. Robinson was impressed with Presley's honest evaluation of his contribution to the genre. Nobody can sing that kind of music like colored people. Let's face it; I can't sing it like Fats Domino can. I know that. But I always liked that kind of music. As for the 'shine rumor', it was easy for Robinson to discard the Sepia magazine allegation that Elvis made the remark in Boston, since the twenty-two-year-old singer had never been in that city.

Robinson had also heard, by 'word of mouth', that Elvis made the infamous comment to Edward R. Since records verified that Presley had never appeared on 'Person to Person', Robinson ultimately concluded that no proof existed that Elvis had ever made the alleged racial statement anywhere. Thus, JET magazine, highly respected among American blacks in , not only cleared Elvis of voicing the racist comment, but also portrayed him as a young white man who fostered race equality in both his professional and private life. Elvis probably thought he had put the rumor to rest for good.

Little did he know that all these years after his death it would continue to live on as an urban legend. The idea of Elvis racism would not die so easily. A dirt-poor outcast at segregated Humes High School, he wore pink shirts and pomaded hair like the folks he admired down on Beale Street.

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King, who later defended him in Sepia: 'What most people don't know is that this boy is serious about what he's doing. Crudup, he said, used to 'bang his box the way I do now, and I said if I ever got to the place where I could feel all old Arthur felt, I'd be a music man like nobody ever saw'. It was statements like these that caused Elvis to be seen as something of a hero in the black community in those early years.

In Memphis the two African-American newspapers , 'The Memphis World' and 'The Tri-State Defender', hailed him as a ' race man ' - not just for his music but also for his indifference to the usual social distinctions. This could be said to be purely circumstantial, of course, but the poses taken and comradely obvious in these snapshots do not seem to point to some sort of deep-seated racism on Presley's part.

You will see in the photos though that the friendships where long lasting, with photos of Elvis with Sammy Davis Jr from the s to for example.


And possibly the best two examples lie directly below. Firstly, in June , 'The Memphis World' newspaper reported, 'the rock 'n' roll phenomenon cracked Memphis's segregation laws ' by attending the Memphis Fairgrounds amusement park 'during what is designated as ' colored night '.

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Although Elvis' recording contract did not permit him to perform at the fund-raiser for radio station WDIA, he set off a sensation. All from just a brief emergence from behind the curtain!! The radio station called itself the 'Mother Station of the Negroes'. In the aftermath of the event, a number of Negro newspapers printed photographs of Elvis with both Rufus Thomas and B.

King 'Thanks, man, for all the early lessons you gave me', were the words The Tri-State Defender reported he said to Mr. When he returned to the revue the following December December 6, , a stylish shot of him 'talking shop' with Little Junior Parker and Bobby ' Blue ' Bland appeared in Memphis's mainstream afternoon paper, 'The Press-Scimitar', accompanied by a short feature that made Elvis' feelings abundantly clear. Elvis Presley and B. Ellis Auditorium on December 7, Elvis attends with George Klein. Photos by Ernest Withers.

Below , when Elvis returned to the revue the following December December 6, , a stylish shot of him 'talking shop' with Little Junior Parker and Bobby ' Blue ' Bland appeared in Memphis's mainstream afternoon paper, 'The Press-Scimitar', accompanied by a short feature that made Elvis' feelings abundantly clear. Little Junior Parker was a successful and influential Memphis blues singer and musician.

He recorded the song Mystery Train in , two years before Elvis made it one of his classic Sun singles. While Elvis rocketed to stardom, resentment grew among talented musicians whose similar-sounding records weren't getting the same play. The hip swiveling that merely disgusted conservative whites amounted to theft for blacks.

More than one player laid claim to Elvis' gimmicks.

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Blues shouter Wynonie 'Mr. Blues' Harris told Sepia: 'I originated that style 10 years ago. The current crop of shouters are rank impostors. They have no right to call themselves the kings of rock and roll. I am the king of rock and roll'. One of the favorite arguments of the anti-Elvis cadre is that one of his most memorable recordings, Hound Dog , was 'stolen' from Big Mama Thornton, an incredibly talented black blues singer who recorded her sultry, simmering version in Contrary to popular belief, Hound Dog was not some long-lost song of the back bayou, but a Lieber and Stoller composition.