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George Whitmore.

Friction 5: Best Gay Erotic Fiction

Dancer from the Dance. Joseph Hansen. Frank Herbert. Harkonnen's sexual preference for men is implied in Dune and Children of Dune , and presented more explicitly in the Prelude to Dune prequel trilogy — by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Lois McMaster Bujold. Obstetrician Ethan is from a future society on the planet Ethos where male homosexuality is the norm and most inhabitants have never even seen a woman in person. A Fairly Honourable Defeat.

Four Naughty Boys - Gay Erotic Stories

Iris Murdoch. Fire from Heaven The Persian Boy.

Smashwords Interview

Alexander the Great Hephaistion Bagoas. Alexander is involved in a romantic sexual relationship with Hephaistion , and then the Persian slave Bagoas , but is also married three times and fathers a son. Both men are involved in romantic sexual relationships with Alexander the Great. Tanya Huff. Fannie Flagg.

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  4. The Secret Life of a Snowflake: An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes.
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Has a long-term romantic relationship with another woman, and sexual encounters with one other woman. Married to a man and bears his child but subsequently has long-term romantic relationship with another woman. The Front Runner. Patricia Nell Warren. James Baldwin. Akhenaten Smenkhkara. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten is married to Nefertiti , but his romance with his brother Smenkhkara contributes to his downfall. The Group. Mary McCarthy. Jeanette Winterson. Alice has romantic and sexual relationships with both Stella and Stella's husband Jove.

Hallucinating Foucault. Patricia Duncker. Sandra Scoppettone. Though not stated explicitly in the novels series, author Rowling said in interviews that the character is gay.

Philip Pullman. The Hotel New Hampshire. John Irving. The Hours.

Erotic Hot Romance II Gay II 2019

Michael Cunningham. Lynn Harris. Stephen King. Mellon and Hagarty are openly gay lovers. Mellon was the first of the killings that indicate the return of It. Phil and Tony Tracker are two brothers who are presumed to be gay by Eddie Kaspbrak's mother. Kasprak and Tozier are described as questioning their sexualities as children.

  1. Christmas Lust, Christmas Love?
  2. Trains, Culture, and Mobility: Riding the Rails;
  3. Weird Tales (Volumes I and II): 1-2.
  4. The Proposal (The English Garden);
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  6. Trafalgar & Josh.

Patricia Cornwell. James Clavell. A British POW plays the role of a female in a play, and ultimately starts living as female full-time. Tomson Highway. As he confronts his homosexuality, in a time when this was not overly accepted, he descends into promiscuity and prostitution with constant flashbacks of the abuse he suffered at the hands of the priests. This part of the novel is so beautifully written but so hard to endure.

The Last Herald Mage trilogy. Vanyel Ashkevron Stefen. Less Than Zero Imperial Bedrooms. Diana Gabaldon. Lord John Grey.

Gay Erotica: Officer Romano Gets Busted by Rodd Sterling | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Lord John has sexual and romantic relationships with various men, though he has had sex with and married women to appease societal expectations of him. William J. John Preston. Virginia Woolf. Nearly Roadkill. Kate Bornstein and Caitlin Sullivan. The Nightrunner series. Lynn Flewelling. Seregil and Alec are committed lovers but both have had experiences with women in the past; Ilar is one of Seregil's former lovers.

William Corlett. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. Other Voices, Other Rooms. Truman Capote. Isabel Miller. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Stephen Chbosky. Patricia Highsmith. Although Carol is married, she previously had an affair with her best friend Abby Gerhard. While divorce proceedings are underway, she meets and falls in love with Therese Belivet, which results in her homosexuality being used against her and relinquishing custody of her daughter.