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Hands-on demos of VR and example instructional resources will be available. Vivienne J. In this session, learn how county law libraries and public libraries in Oregon and Washington are creating meaningful partnerships to expand public access to legal information.

Panelists will share their collaboration processes and outcomes—some with proven success, others braving new territory. From traveling law librarians, to legal collection development help, to workshops for self-represented litigants, attendees will hear a variety of ideas that will inspire them as they help citizens navigate their legal rights, obligations, and the justice system. Join us in a facilitated discussion—moderated and guided by youth and teen services librarians from Oregon and Washington—and share your failures, flops, and other misadventures and learn from the failures of others.

After all, misery loves company, and we should chart the known together! Staff from small and large libraries will share their experiences with library policy, programs, and outreach that support and connect with patrons experiencing homelessness. We will address how library values lead us to serve people living in poverty and experiencing homelessness; how you can engage directly with patrons to learn about their interests and needs; and how to prioritize and evaluate the impact of this work in your own community.

Are you involved with reference or outreach activities?

All of the above? This interactive presentation will provide tips and tricks for quickly and thoughtfully evaluating and using any informational database, with a focus on promoting databases both internally with frontline staff and colleagues and externally to patrons and stakeholders. During the session, groups will brainstorm and discuss promotional activities for databases at their own libraries, and afterward, attendees will be equipped to share their knowledge with others at a variety of levels—from co-workers to community partners and everyone in between.

Making Space for Active Learning in Your Library No matter the size of your space or your budget, you can ignite active learning at your library, where community members participate and collaborate in hands-on learning and strengthen social connections. Before-and-after photos tell a dramatic story of real transformation. Get inspired because you too can follow the steps they took to discover community needs and genuinely engage community members to generate and prototype ideas, co-create the space and the programs, and actively learn together.

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Some buildings are owned by a municipality, others by a Friends group, yet others by the library system itself. Some groups take care of the landscaping and some group members even crawl under the floor to make repairs. Others primarily raise funds for special projects and leave the facilities to others.

In every case, the relationship with the community has been crucial in the funding, design, and ongoing success of the branch. In this session, a deputy director, branch manager, and a trustee share experiences with multiple models of ownership of library facilities and discuss how that has shaped the process for two projects currently in the library design phase. Everyone should know what early literacy is and how libraries work every day towards building early literacy. At this interactive session, four library directors will share proven strategies supporting early literacy in their home communities, as well as the unexpected benefits of doing so.

Leave prepared to be an early literacy ambassador! Teen library staff will share examples of their successes and missteps in designing library programs that seek to put teens at the center through publishing art and poetry books, providing space for interactive art walls, teaching play production and acting, and offering paid teen internships. The session will shift gears to allow time for participants to brainstorm together how they might construct programming that allows teens to direct, define, and own their library experiences.

With a goal of always creating a reading-positive environment no genre shaming here!

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Ideas for additional study and self-improvement are also included. Leveling Up: Staying Current in an Evolving Learning Environment As capacity and bandwidth for library instruction services change, how can libraries reach more students and build information literacy competency into the curriculum? One college library bridges the gap between library and eLearning to build and promote learning modules on a variety of information literacy topics.

This move enhanced the services and support that the library offers and created an opportunity to work directly with faculty on the online version of their courses. In this session we will share our experiences building modules in Canvas, our best practices, and how we foster relationships with eLearning. Maans, Outreach Librarian, Bellevue College.

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By inviting Drag Queens to read stories about inclusion, gender diversity, and celebrating differences followed by a dance party, of course! Learn about both the challenges and rewards of offering a drag queen storytime at your library with a panel of librarians and our special guest, Poison Waters! We will cover how to partner with local drag queens, preparing staff for questions and complaints, promotion, social media, and more! The panel will be followed by a storytime reading by Poison Waters.

Documenting Library Impact on Student Success Sick and tired of hearing that the library is the heart of the campus, but never see an increase in funding? Do you lack the data to document library contributions? Want to change the discussion? College librarians will share the results of their two-year study on the impact of minute, one-shot workshops on student retention and pass rates. Learn how capturing student names enabled them to see the correlation between one-shot workshops and student success. Learn about their continuing assessment to address issues of equity and improve student outcomes.

Creating a gallery space in your library provides an opportunity to showcase community creativity and history. Whether you work in an academic or public library, a gallery will allow your community members to exhibit their work and to share their diverse perspectives. For institutions with archives and museum collections, a gallery can also bring increased visibility to these resources. In this session, you will learn about practical considerations and potential challenges for configuring a gallery space, creating associated policies, and soliciting exhibits.

Using Skype to connect students to the broader world? Putting makerspaces in public schools?

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STEM programs for little people who can barely walk and talk? Designing buildings to hold all these things? Building open-source library platforms to make all this discoverable? Figuring out how to build the best collection for your community? Believe it or not, but all of these topics will be covered in this Lightning Talk session.

Come hear the thunder. In this interactive session, staff from various levels within their organizations will share what it takes to be seen as a leader no matter your position. In reality the qualities that make people follow someone can be wide ranging and exhibited at any stage of your career. Join the discussion to learn how to manage up, have a voice in your organization, and make a difference for the community you serve.

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I Too: Unmasking Emotional Labor for Women of Color Librarians Have you experienced racism, sexism, and ageism in the classroom, at the reference desk, or in meetings? Women of color in libraries face unfair perceptions and expectations, and spend a significant amount of energy both pushing against those perceptions and fulfilling those expectations.

How do we avoid burnout? How do we draw boundaries? How do we cope with high expectations from students, from colleagues, and from ourselves? Join us for a discussion of solutions such as individual self-care and collective efforts that can increase support and create time and space for wellness of librarians, staff, and students. This program provides an overview of the steps needed to create and conduct health information outreach and programming for your communities.

Ready to chart a new course? A library-led dungeon crawl? Learn how to host a role-playing program at your library! RPG-programming is accessible to a wide range of ages and can develop skills such as collaboration, teamwork, communication, math, and storytelling. This presentation will provide you with examples of different types of programming that can meet the needs of gamers in your community. While libraries may long to help by providing resources, the awkwardness of these problems often makes teens reluctant to reach out and seek assistance.

Hear from high school librarians about how they use current YA literature to incorporate social and emotional learning SEL and social justice discussion points across the curriculum. And get tips for building a reading list from the author who literally wrote the book on novels that promote empathy and self-acceptance in teens. Whether selecting a title for a one city, one book event or choosing discussable works for book groups, numerous factors go into making quality reading choices that will generate perceptive conversation.

Library staff are recognized as reading experts by library users. This session will provide guidance, support, and criteria for making thoughtful and appealing choices in reading material for community-wide reading initiatives and book groups that encourage library users to see their libraries as safe places for public discourse while expanding reading horizons. Make Easy: Take the Fear Out of Making Explore a Maker menu with a wide variety of flexible programming that eases the anxiety of failure and has everyone, even non-makers, step into making.

We will lay out our successes and failures with patrons of all ages and libraries of all types. Come see how easy it can be. So many libraries are trying to reinvent how they provide service and create appropriate spaces to serve their communities into the future, often in existing buildings with predefined and limited areas and layouts. How do we translate new needs into functional and inspiring space that accommodate new functions and programs and remain flexible enough to adapt to progressive library service models in the future?

Would you like to connect with underserved families?

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In Oregon and Washington over , families participate in Reach Out and Read at over medical clinics. In this panel, we will share our strategies for successful partnerships between libraries and healthcare providers participating in the Reach Out and Read program that could be a model for your community.

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Library leadership is also about being vulnerable, engaging passion, and inspiring others. What does library leadership professional development look like in the Pacific Northwest? Many library leadership programs already exist nationally and regionally. A trend for urban and bigger library systems has been to create their own internal leadership training as a form of on-boarding and succession planning for their institutions. But what about rural and small libraries—where do they fit into the library leadership picture? This panel will discuss their experiences and observations and report out on a library leadership survey to engage session participants in a discussion of what library leadership looks like in the Pacific Northwest.

Real Talk About Fake News Are you seeing a growing need in your community for better information literacy, especially when it comes to discerning online news?