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Still, Wukan is pressing ahead with the election that it hopes will offer institutional safeguards against future abuse of government power and corruption with innovative touches. One major, unsanctioned innovation has been the formation of a member, so-called village council, a kind of ombudsman to check the powers of the village committee.

The polls also have seen other progressive touches, including secret ballot boxes and opening the field to any candidates by scrapping threshold nomination requirements. That move drew a flush of entrants. Discover Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States. World News. Pork prices in China have already risen substantially since March and the agricultural ministry has said they could surge by 70 percent in the coming months as a result of the outbreak.

Pork accounts for more than 60per cent of Chinese meat consumption. China is not the only country hit. It has also already spread across parts of central and eastern Europe and even been found in wild boars in Belgium. EU export prospects would suffer a massive blow if the disease, which does not harm people, reached top European exporting nations such as Germany or Spain. European industry sources said a surge in Chinese buying earlier this year had largely emptied warehouses and the flow of pork exports, while still steady, was not quite as strong now due to limited supplies.

Given the potential for a protracted trade war, U. Canadian pork exporters initially benefited from the surge in demand by exporting more ractopamine-free pigs.

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But Chinese officials found ractopamine in a Canadian pork shipment in June. Three Canadian exporters have now been banned from selling to China and Beijing has called for all Canadian meat imports to be suspended. Canada's share of China's pork imports ranged from 11per cent to 14per cent in the period, Chinese customs data shows.

Relations between Canada and China have become strained since the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co. Another major pork exporter, Brazil, is expecting to increase shipments by more than 20per cent in to almost , tonnes thanks to Chinese demand, producer group ABPA has said.

If only Canadians would realize how easy it is to lose basic freedoms that we take for granted.

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I hope Canadians will stand up and vote! I'm with Laurie: grab your goggles and bring on the mud! I must confess, though, that I try not to let my faith influence my vote. Perhaps I'm a staid separation of church and state kinda guy, but divorcing the two always feels like the right tack when it comes to politics.

Maybe I read too much about Maurice Duplessis in the '50s in my Canadian history classes I dunno.

The idea of anyone's faith - including my own - being a driving force behind civic issues that affect us all doesn't sit well with me. As far as I am concerned there is not even a vague resemblance between the separation of church and state -- a misunderstood priniple anyway --and choosing to act, including voting, according to one's Christian conscience. I am a Christian who is a Canadian, not someone who compartmentalizes the two. Let me clarify and expand upon my position, David. Separation of church and state IS misunderstood.

It ensures that the government does not express preferential treatment for one faith over another. Many often interpret it, however, as meaning "faith cannot be expressed in the public sphere.

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Increasingly, people are co-opting the phrase "separation of church and state" to identify a growing wariness with respect to faith groups organizing to influence public policy in ways that adhere to their sect's beliefs. It's this interpretation of "separation of church and state" that I alluded to in my previous posting. As evidence of this problem, I'd point to the enormous power that the evangelical movement holds over American politicians. Fundamentalist faith groups can literally force the outcomes of elections down south, such is the strength of their organization and financing.

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It simply amazes me that a country founded on freedom from religious oppression can tolerate this kind of extrinsic influence on government. In Canada, it's been recently well documented how similar movements are steadily growing in B.


I'd recommend you read Marci Mcdonald's "The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada" for a more in depth study of the origins, motives and growing power of this movement. Its implications on public policy could prove profound, indeed. Back to the ballot box, and what I had to say previously: it's my opinion that faith for those who hold it has its place in each individual's life and work and I would never, ever try to refute or challenge that with any person of any faith.

Nor am I saying that everyone who votes with their relgious conscience is going to mobilize the like-minded to march on Parliament Hill. Intermingling faith and politics, however, is something I am strongly against. I choose to compartmentalize and vote according to my study of the issues and my moral conscience as developed through my upbringing and experience.

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My religious views I leave out of the equation because voting with them in mind constitutes an however slight imposition of the freedoms of my fellow citizens. I'm jumping in late I know, but I have to say this election is a big waste of time, and resources.

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I cannot see how it will change the look of our government. Those who voted PC last time will again because of the strength of our economy.